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boys in the band by xCountingBodiesx boys in the band by xCountingBodiesx
3/3 for :iconblushbunnyc3:
WOO WOW I hope this looks okay and that you like it!!!

if there's any glaring mistakes, feel free to mention them because i've been staring at this a while hahaha ha ha haaaa *lays face down on floor*
i did leave out their tails on purpose though (and by on purpose i mean, i was too lazy to figure out how to put them)
sanguine-romance Featured By Owner May 5, 2013
this looks like a genuine family portrait or something. like, the poses and shading. shan, you amaze me.
BlushBunnyC3 Featured By Owner Apr 22, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
HolymotherofhellMASSIVEAPOLOGIESFORMYLAAAATECOMMENT ;O; But considering how much I absolutely LOVE this to pieces, I wanted to wait until I was ready to sit down and really COMMENT THE SHIT OUT OF IT :D Here's hoping my silly rambling is worth the wait... LET'S DO THIS.

First off, BAWWWWWW ;_; I am sad to see our commission business come to a close, considering how wonderful it's been. BEST COMMISSION MONEY EVER SPENT, for serious :heart: I cannot express how much joy I experienced just getting tidbits of the WIPs, considering how well and detailed they look! And the finished products always blew me away~ YOU ARE SO FREAKING TALENTED AND YOUR STYLE IS SO AMAZING, I just wanna throw money at you and watch you draw my brainbabies ten times better than I do FOREVER D: ...But I'll spare you that awkward obsessiveness, lolol. You've got your own fabulous things to work on |D

But man, what an incredible piece to end on :D YOU DID THESE GUYS SO MUCH INBELIEVEABLE JUSTICE I JUST WANT TO... PAW AT THE SCREEN RABIDLY WITH ELATION AND CURL INTO A SELF PITYING FETAL POSITION AND CRY AT THE SAME TIME 8D Because you did them so freaking precise and spot on and badass and awesome and dorky, and I KNOW I WILL NEVER BE ABLE TO DEPICT THEM THIS WELL ;_; I just want to stare and stare at it and keep finding more and more things I shamelessly love and admire about it. And ohmygaaaawd... I cannot get over how good the boys look, I just wanna squish them all to death~

NOW I SHALL COMMENT ON EACH, BECAUSE THAT IS HOW IT IS DONE IN RAMBLY MCRAMBLESON LAND. *beaten* ...Or some sort of witty remark that actually sounds funny, sob.

Starting with Raff~ AWWWW SHIT SON, I was so all over that pose and attitude from the second I saw it in your sketch :headbang: THAT IS SO HIM, he tends to put on such a show of being a punk rocking badass XD Definitely a bit of ego going on there, and some casual roughing on Shawn is very frequent as well, lol. Always trying to show off how tough he is :P His expression is brilliantly depicted with the taunting tongue and the confident wink~ I envy so much your ability to depict such muscle definition! You can really see how solid the guy is 8D And the weight of his locked arm around Shawn - again, with his rough housing, lol. Friggin amazing job on the hand gesture of his right! And I LOVE what you've done with his hair! :drool: That looks so freaking cool. Partially slicked back, part wild at the front... nicely done! Suits well :) Great job on his shirt pattern as well. AND HIS MUZZLE, just fffff X3 Loveable little asshole~

And Shawn! Looks just as big and exuberant as he should be :meow: Not phased at all by Raff's grip (he'll jerk him around back when he feels like it, lol |D). Again, your depiction of my silly hairstyles is just... INCREDIBLE :O You mold them into more realistic and sleeker looking styles. AND IT LOOKS SO BEAUTIFUL ;O; The way it's all right up all over half his face is too funny - looks great and appropriate for him - he wouldn't fuss with it much XD He'd just blow it out of his eyes or brush it aside when it gets cumbersome, lol. I love how SHINY and THICK it looks! :love: I WISH I COULD HAVE BEAUTIFUL LOCKS LIKE THAT D: *bricked* Your style on the lynx traits are excellent btw, I love how long and perky those eartips are X3 And how you even put in DISTINCT details to show his muzzle more feline is astounding~ And awesome job on his necklace detail and his shirt - the way it's even showing some of his middrift due to the stretching! What DETAIL *o* And heheh, I love the idea of him pinching Mase's hat for fun - what a doof :D HE SO WOULD. Then again, WHAT ELSE ARE FRIENDS FOR? :lol: Stealing your hats, duh. BECAUSE THEY CAN |D

Gotta love Mase for taking the hat theft like a good sport ;P He's just laughing it off, and trying to tug it back down on his head xD (in my story though, there's a logical reason why he wears that hat, in public anyway) He tends to get on with Shawn the best in regards to goofing around in jest ;) (Raff tends to get rough, and Josh tends to get pissy, lol) Again, you're really showing some serious skill and attention to detail with the distinction of species type, especially in the facial features, to show his rodentness :D I love his rounded ears~ AND HIS WEE PINK NOSE. *pokes* He's such a cutie~ Very nice job on the hat, I appreciate you getting it in there ;) And lovely job on his bangy hairstyle and ponytail... both looking very spot on to the original, plus sliiightly a little flatter to show he's been wearing his hat 8D Again ATTENTION TO DETAIL. So much respect~ And you remembered his ring(s) and ear cuff and such too! And nice touch with the side whiskers too :) And I really like his hand position on his hip for some reason~

AND LAST BUT NOT LEAST, JOOOSH. Oh man, I cannot get over how much his pose and attitude here make me laugh :XD: YOU HAUGHTY LITTLE JERK, lol. Acting like you're more sophisticated and cooler than the others - like the snooty dick he can be :P (his high IQ gives him a slight superiority complex sometimes) EVEN HIS QUIRKED EYEBROWS ARE SHOWING SASS, lol. (which I freaking love~) His casual and sauve smirk are just perfect for him. And his crossed arms... YOU EVEN DEPICT THAT INCREDIBLY (and the pretty little details of his gloooves and necklace! X3) Again, THE RODENT FACIAL FEATURES, ffff. I like how you made his nose colour darker and his ears just a weeee bit larger, to show a slight difference from Mase's gerbil ones. Love how you did his hat, almost a little bit of poof to it :) (as in, I usually draw it more baggy/flat, but you make this style look really nice on him too! :D) Speaking of style, AGAIN WITH YOUR BITCHING GRASP OF SEXY HAIRSTYLES ;__; I love how you really captured the varying length of his long bangs, yet retain a very smooth and sleek almost coifed look to it. Fits him fabulously~

And hey, don't think I don't notice that you did an excellent job on varying up their eye tone colours ;) Raff's and Mase's with the darker tones, and Shawn with a lively sparkle, and Josh's cool icy ones. And you DEFINITELY succeeded in working out all those body types/height ratios I offered, which is freaking AWESOME and looks brilliant! :clap: I've always thought about those details in my head but have never been able to depict them as such. You depicting them into life for me is just... priceless! Thank you ;; And don't worry about the tails - I can see how they might have taken away from the poses/been distracting or gotten in the way. I CAN FORGIVE THIS FOR THE SHEER BRILLIANCE THAT IS EVERYTHING ELSE :tighthug: Even the background has a nice grungy, yet not distracting texture to really add to the band/group feel :D Nice touch.

...SO THAT TOOK ME OVER AN HOUR OR SO TO WRITE ^^; HAVE I FULLY EXPRESSED MY INFINITE DELIGHT FOR THIS PIECE? Because holy crap... it's like one of my top favourite commissions of ALL TIME now :heart::heart::heart: And there's STILL not enough words to thank you enough for this! :glomp: But I hope my insanely long comment has covered some very obvious appreciation of it all at least ;) :heart::heart::heart:
RichTheWolf257 Featured By Owner Apr 6, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
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